Interview with Marlene King

17.03.2012 22:20


Insider: In the previous episode, viewers learned that Jenna can see! What can you tell me about it and its role in the final?
Marlene King: Jenna will continue their charade as much as possible, and definitely plays a big role in the final.
Insider: Also, in the previous episode, Alison told Spencer not to pay close attention to detail. In the end, what the girls will realize what has been right in front of them?
Marlene: It is fair to say YES.
Insider: All couples have had their fair ration of torture, but a relationship somehow remains unresolved. ¿Spencer and Toby share a scene in the final?
Marlene: Spencer and Toby share a couple of scenes in the final. It is an adorable story is completely separate from the history of ¨A¨.
Insider: In the end, are the girls going to get an explanation of why ¨A¨ was "A" or it will be a question to be answered in Season 3?
Marlene: One reason I'm so excited about the bottom line is that fans will not only discover who is ¨ A¨. They find that ¨A¨ is "A". Viewers know a time before the final scene is a relief.
Insider: Speaking of season 3, can we expect another jump in time and in the second half of season 2 or where the story will end?
Marlene: We will not talk much about next season, but there is a big deal (which creates mystery and suspense) that starts the season 3.
Insider: The fans are dying to know more about Aria and Ezra. Can you tell me a little about your scene in the end?
Marlene: Aria and Ezra share a special scene in the final. Like a spoiler, I've also tweeted that the song of Lady Antebellum, Just a Kiss, will be heard at the time they are together. It's a beautiful scene.
Insider: Will we learn more about Maya and her situation?
Marlene: Yes, there is a resolution to the story of Maya in the finale.
Insider: Alison appears in the final?
Marlene: Yes. Absolutely. She plays an important role in discovering who "A" is.