-A Day

10.03.2012 11:22

Hey liars, PLL fans, bitches and all, I'm here to anounce I'll be discovered on march 19 on abc family, 8/7 central. So just relax, and watch PLL

There are SO many theories about WHO I AM, but most of them are just guessings, Some clues?

1) “A” Is Probably Female. One of showrunner and executive producer Marlene King’s most recent interviews, she made a very revealing comment when asked about “A”: "There's something else the girls are about to find that are about to lead them to her.” Given the fact that “A” has written notes to the Little Liars in red lipstick, including the girly phrase “nosey bitches,” and answered the question, “Who’s the prettiest Little Liar?” with “Me,” we think it’s probably a safe bet that “A” is a girl.  

 2) “A” Answers Our QuestionsMembers of the press were given the opportunity to ask “A” questions, and “A” responded to many revealing inquiries. For example, “A” has attended Rosewood High. “A” is “most interested” in Toby , of all the Little Liars’ boyfriends. “A” has a unique and so-far-unknown relationship with Alison. We’ve already heard “A”’s voice. “A” is always in the background.*Check out the Questions and the Answers in our previous notes*  

3) “Pretty eyes.” At the end of PLL Season 2, Episode 12: “Over My Dead Body,” a waitress tells “A” that he/she has “pretty eyes.” This was a major clue for several reasons: Jenna probably isn’t “A,” since no one would call a girl wearing dark sunglasses in public “Pretty eyes.” Also, “A” has, well, nice eyes.  

4) Alison Was “A”’s First VictimAs we discovered in Season 2, Episode 13: “The First Secret,” Alison was roughed up by a masked mystery person on Halloween. Coupled with this clue is the revelation from Season 2, Episode 17: “Blond Leading the Blind,” that Ali was getting threatening notes from “A” just before she was murdered.

5) Alison’s Family MattersAs far as the Little Liars (and the rest of Rosewood) knew, Alison DiLaurentis was just another bitchy high-schooler. But in the course of nearly two seasons, we’ve discovered some unsettling information on the DiLaurentis family. For starters, we’ve never once met Alison’s father. Where is he? Why hasn’t he been mentioned or introduced as a character? Then we have Ali’s older brother Jason , who left town intermittently, used to smoke pot with Ian , was a member of N.A.T., and claims to have no memory of the night Ali was killed. Most telling, however, is the photograph we saw for the first time on Ali’s wall during Episode 13. In it, we see Jason flanked by photos of Alison and...someone who looks exactly like Alison. As for Ali’s mom Jessica, we think it’s safe to say that she had an affair with Spencer’s father, just before Ali was born — which means Jason is Spencer’s  half-brother.